Graduate Certificates

Our department administers two graduate certificates.  Information about each of these certificates is contained here.  The Graduate School issues the certificates upon certification by the department that the student has completed the requirements.  No pre-registration or permission is required to take the courses, other than to be a graduate student in good standing and to meet the individual course pre-requisites if there are any.

Graduate Certificate in Automotive Manufacturing Systems

Complete four of these five courses:

  • INSY 6330 - Data Based Decision Making Using Six Sigma
  • INSY 6800 - Lean Production
  • INSY 6830 - Vehicle Technology and Trends
  • INSY 6840 - Control of the Manufacturing Floor and Processes
  • INSY 6860 - Automotive Manufacturing Systems

For more information, contact Dr. John Evans or Mr. Tom Devall 

Certificates Awarded
2011:  Vijaykumar Namo

2012:  Chezhian Raja

2013:  Venugopal Sharan

2014:  Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasamban

Graduate Certificate in Occupational Safety & Ergonomics

Please see here for certificate information

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2017