Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program

This program allows high achieving students to begin work on a master’s degree during their senior year of their undergraduate program.  Only three programs in the College of Engineering have ABM programs (Biosystems, ISE, and Materials).  Specifically, the program allows students to take three INSY graduate classes in place of two INSY electives and one technical elective and to count the courses (9 total hours) for both degrees.  Grades of B or A must be earned in all double-counted, graduate level courses.  This program allows students to receive the master’s degree after only 22 hours beyond the bachelor’s degree (rather than the normal 31 hours).

Application Process

Students will apply for the program after completion of INSY 3420 and INSY 3700, usually taken in junior year.  Applications are open until June 1 for the following Fall semester.  Students accepted into the program must have overall and in-major GPAs of at least 3.4 and must maintain that until undergraduate graduation.  Students must have between 45 and 96 hours (24 hours at Auburn for transfer students). Upon approval by the Program Coordinator (Dr. LuAnn Carpenter), students will apply to the Accelerated Program. Please see the link for more information. (

Program Matriculation

Students usually matriculate in the accelerated program during Fall semester of the senior year of their undergraduate degree program.  According to the model schedule, students will complete the BISE in the first Spring semester following matriculation into the program, which would be their last semester in the normal bachelor’s degree program. Students still have to be admitted to the Graduate School after their undergraduate degree is earned.  Students complete the online application for the master's degree and pay the application fee.  The application is not the same one that was completed for the ABM.  The Master of Industrial Engineering/Master of Science would be completed in August of the second year in the advanced degree program (i.e. 2 years after matriculating into the accelerated program or 15 months after completion of the bachelor’s degree).  Another alternative is for students to take 12 hours in Fall semester and 10 hours in Spring semester.

Academic Advising

All undergraduate students in Industrial and Systems Engineering must meet with the academic advisor each semester and this practice will apply to students in the accelerated program. Graduate students will have a major professor directing their project/thesis research or will meet with the Graduate Program Coordinator if they are taking the course work only MISE option.

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