Registration Process

If you need help with registration from me (LuAnn Sims Carpenter), please send an email to with Subject: Graduate Registration help. ONLY use your Auburn email address. I don't reply to requests for registration help from non-Auburn email addresses.

Paste this block of text below into the email and be sure to give me all of the information requested. If you leave out any required information, I won't be able to complete your registration. If I am able to complete your registration, you will receive an email reply with the message, "OK, done."

Banner ID (902xxxxxx):
CRN (5 digit numeric code for the specific course from Tiger i):
Course number (e.g. INSY 7980-003):
Semester (e.g. Fall 09):
Number of total hours requested for course:

Please do not call me on the telephone or leave me a message on the phone or come to my office in person for these issues. I must have an email trail for these requests.

Legitimate reasons that grad students have difficulty registering for classes:

  1. The system won't let you register for more than one hour for variable hour classes such as "Research and Dissertation".
  2. Certain undergraduate and graduate courses have pre-requisites or co-requisites. The system looks at your transcript to see if you have the pre- or co-requisites. If it doesn't find them, you can't register for the course and the system gives you a "pre-req and test score error." I can usually override the pre-requisites for our department's undergraduate and graduate courses. If the course is in another department, say, math, you have to get the math department to override you into the class. If a graduate course has a pre-requisite and you don't have it, you should carefully consider whether you have the appropriate background for the course before requesting that the pre-requisite be waived.
  3. If you have registration holds, they have probably been placed by the financial office, the medical office, the international office or the graduate school. Our department does not put holds on registrations, so I can't do anything about your holds. You should contact the department that placed the hold for help.
  4. You are attempting to register for classes after the first week of the semester. After the first week, you must obtain the instructor’s permission for late registration.  Have the instructor email me for late registration (if the class is in our department).  After the 15th class day, I can’t add you.
  5. You are attempting to register for a class that is full. Perhaps I may add seats; follow the email procedure for registration help. For full sections in other departments, you must obtain permission from the other department.
  6. You wish to audit an undergraduate or graduate class. You must have permission of the Grad School. The audit request form is found here.
  7. This point is important enough to restate: I can only register you for classes in INSY or the sections of STAT that one of our INSY professors teaches. For problems in other courses, you will have to go through that department.
  8. Generally, I will be able to resolve the registration issues mentioned above within 24 hours of your request Monday through Friday and will email you back when I am finished. Please don't repeat the request multiple times and multiple ways in 24 hours.

Last Updated: 2/17/18 3:03 PM