Graduate Certificates

Our department administers two graduate certificates. The Graduate School issues the certificates upon certification by the department that the student has completed the requirements. No pre-registration or permission is required to take the courses, other than to be a graduate student in good standing and to meet the individual course pre-requisites if there are any.

Graduate Certificate in Automotive Manufacturing Systems

Complete four of these five courses:

  • INSY 6330 - Data-Based Decision Making Using Six Sigma
  • INSY 6800 - Lean Production
  • INSY 6830 - Vehicle Technology and Trends
  • INSY 6840 - Control of the Manufacturing Floor and Processes
  • INSY 6860 - Automotive Manufacturing Systems

For more information, contact Tom Devall 

Certificates Awarded
2011:  Vijaykumar Namo

2012:  Chezhian Raja

2013:  Venugopal Sharan

2014:  Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasamban

Graduate Certificate in Occupational Safety & Ergonomics

Please see here for certificate information

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