The curriculum is designed to meet the educational requirements of the engineering profession. For a description of all courses offered by the department, go to the link below titled "Auburn University Bulletin", and then to the section "Courses of Instruction" which is arranged alphabetically. Click the link for "Industrial & Sys Eng - INSY" where our courses are arranged numerically. All of our required courses are offered once per year, whereas elective courses are offered less frequently.

Our graduate program has three master's degrees, each requiring a minimum of 30 or 31 semester hours, depending on the degree: Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering (MISE), Master of Science (MS), and Master of Engineering Management (MEM). All graduate level courses are numbered 6000 and above, e.g. INSY 6600 or INSY 7300 or INSY 8250.  There is no substantive difference in the level 6xxx and level 7xxx courses. The courses numbered 8xxx are usually only taken by PhD students; exceptions can be made by individual instructors. All graduate level courses are 3 semester hours unless otherwise specified.

MISE (course-only Master's degree)

Take these four required courses:

  • INSY 6600/6606 - Manufacturing and Production Economics

  • INSY 7300/7306 - Advanced Engineering Statistics

  • INSY 7420/7426 - Linear Programming and Network Flows

  • INSY 7950/7956 - Seminar (1 Credit Hour)

Take four INSY Electives (An INSY Elective is any 3-hour graduate course with INSY pre-fix; INSY 7980/7986 require approval of Graduate Coordinator or Advisor).  INSY 7940 (ISE Problems), INSY 7970/7976 (ISE Topics), and INSY 7980-7986 (ISE Project) can only be repeated toward the degree for 5 hours (i.e., can only count as 1 required course).

Take three INSY Related Electives (An INSY Related Elective may have an INSY prefix or other prefix; check with Graduate Coordinator or Advisor to confirm whether course will count before taking).  STAT 7000 is not allowed to count toward our degrees in our program.

M.S. Degree (includes Thesis - not available for outreach students)

MS students must complete the same requirements as MISE students except that in general, MS students substitute six hours of thesis (INSY 7990) for two of the INSY electives or INSY Related elective courses.  To complete the MS degree, you must have a thesis advisor; students must find their own advisor which must be one of our department's faculty members.  At a minimum, students must complete a thesis equating to 4 hours of graduate course work using the course number INSY 7990; if the student only completes 4 hours of thesis, they must complete an additional INSY elective.  Your thesis advisor may have other requirements and should be consulted by the student for course selection.  The Graduate School's requirements for thesis must be met; consult the AU Bulletin for these requirements.

Ph.D. Degree

The PhD degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours including three INSY graduate core courses, at least four INSY elective courses, no more than three INSY-related courses, one hour of graduate seminar (INSY 7950/7956), and a minimum of ten hours of research and dissertation (INSY 8990).  The content of the remaining course hours is determined by the student in consultation with his/her advisor and committee. PhD students complete a research-based dissertation supervised by the advisor and the advisory committee. PhD students should refer to the Graduate School section of the Bulletin regarding the requirements for the doctoral degree.  Most PhD students also earn an MISE degree (see requirements above) since the course requirements for the PhD and MISE degrees are the same.

MEM (Course-only Master’s Degree)

Students who complete 30 hours, or 10 courses, will earn a Master of Engineering Management degree in one of four options:

Master of Engineering Management – Manufacturing Option

Master of Engineering Management – Occupational Safety and Ergonomics Option

Master of Engineering Management – Systems Option

Master of Engineering Management - Product Innovation (anticipated 2019)

Options Offered:

The Master of Engineering Management degree offers five core courses. These options provide students the opportunity to obtain a degree that best fits their needs.

Master of Engineering Management – all options

  • INSY 6600/06 Manufacturing and Production Economics 3 hours
  • INSY 7980/86 Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering Project 3 hours
  • INSY 6800/06 Lean Production 3 hours
  • INSY 7080/86 Human Factors Engineering 3 hours
  • BUSI 7140/46 Organizational Leadership, Ethics and Change 3 hours

Master of Engineering Management – Manufacturing Option

  • INSY 6330/36 Data-Based Decision Making Using Six Sigma 3 hours
  • INSY 6840/46 Control of the Manufacturing Floor and Processes  3 hours
  • Plus three additional graduate elective courses

Master of Engineering Management-Occupational Safety and Ergonomics Option

  • INSY 6010/16 Safety Engineering I 3 hours
  • INSY 7020/26 Safety Engineering II 3 hours
  • INSY 7060/66 Ergonomics I 3 hours
  • INSY 7070/76 Ergonomics II 3 hours
  • INSY 7050/56 Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Hazards 3 hours

Master of Engineering Management-Systems Option

  • INSY 7720/26 Systems Engineering 1 3 hours
  • INSY 7710/16 Life Cycle Engineering 3 hours
  • MNGT 7160/66 Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology 3 hours
  • Select two courses in INSY 6000-8999 or INSY-related @6000-8999 electives 6 hours

Master of Engineering Management- Product Innovation Option (anticipated 2019)

  • MNGT 7161/66 Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology 3 hours
  • INSY 7730/36 Product Design, Development and Test 3 hours
  • INSY 7740/46 Product Launch, Manufacturing and Delivery 3 hours
  • INSY 7750/56 Intellectual Property, Legal, Venture Capital 3 hours
  • INSY 7710/16 Life Cycle Engineering 3 hours

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