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Bricks - Paving the way

Shelby Center Bricks

The beautiful porticos of the Shelby Center for Engineering Technology display bricks and pavers that have been purchased by alumni and friends who wish to demonstrate their commitment to Auburn Engineering. We invite you to add your own brick or paver in honor or memory of someone, or in recognition of your company or organization. 

The portico walkways are comprised of fields of bricks and pavers, surrounded by landscaping and seating designed to increase collegiality. Architectural lighting ensures that your brick or paver will be visible day and night. 

To reserve your place in the Shelby portico walkways, you can use our convenient on-line order form or complete both sides of the printable response form and return it, along with your payment to:

Ross Beitzel 

Make checks payable to the Auburn University Foundation - Engineering Bricks Program. All donations for the purchase of pavers are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Order Online

We offer three sizes of pavers:

Small Brick

Medium brick

Large Brick

Last Updated: 3/2/18 11:35 AM