Not a University owned computer

A Personal Computer (Laptop/Desktop) owned by an individual must meet the following criteria before being allowed a wired connection to the College of Engineering Network.

  1. The computer must be loaded with a valid copy of the English version of Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. College of Engineering staff may ask for proof of ownership of a valid license for Windows XP Professional.
  2. A current version of Spybot Search and Destroy must have been recently run and all found spyware removed. The owner is responsible for providing proof of said removal in the form of a printed output from Spybot Search and Destroy. Spybot Search and Destroy can be downloaded from the following URL:
  3. Antivirus software other than the Auburn University provided Sophos Antivirus is to be removed and the Auburn University provided Sophos Antivirus installed. Sophos Antivirus can be downloaded from the following URL:
  4. Firewall or network security software other than that which is part of Windows XP Professional is to be removed.
  5. Peer to peer file sharing/swapping software (such as Kazaa, BitTorrent, Limewire) is to be removed.

Any computer failing any of these will be returned to the owner without being networked.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the owner's responsibility to backup data residing on a personal computer prior to his/her handing the system to College of Engineering personnel for networking. Said personnel will be diligent in protecting said data but in the event that such data is corrupted or removed in the normal process of networking, the College of Engineering is not responsible for its loss.

Upon meeting all of these criteria ENS will network your machine and return it back to you at which time you will be asked to sign the agreement as follows:

In providing a wired network connection for my privately owned computer, I understand that the College of Engineering is not responsible for either the software or hardware of this computer nor is it responsible for any damage which may be due to surges on either the network or power cables.

Further, I understand that by connecting my computer to the College of Engineering network that I am giving up certain rights with regard to the use of this computer. I understand that the College of Engineering maintains Active Directory Group Policies which restrict some activities on networked computers for the purpose of securing both computers and the network. I agree to these restrictions.

Lastly, I agree to abide by all Federal and State laws regulating the used of electronic equipment, networks and copyrighted materials, as well as all relevant Auburn University and College of Engineering policies and procedures.

Signature: ____________________________________________

Print Name: ___________________________________________

Witness: _____________________________________________

Print Name: ___________________________________________

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2013