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Ansys 17.0

Ansys Job Submission on hopper:

  • For Ansys there is no graphical user interface provided
  • You must submit your job in batch mode using qsub
  • A sample linux script is provided and you may change source file name and output file name
  • You can change number of processors and number of nodes according to your need
  • In your input file that calls the model file from inside, you can add the following lines on the top

       resume, model.db

your script begins here

#name the program, your default output error file are S.oJobid
#and D0005.eJobid
#PBS -N /home/username/Ansys
#follwing 2 lines ensures that you'll be notified by email when your job is done
#PBS -m abe
#you are asking for 1 node 16 processor each, 16 processor as a total for 50hrs
#after 50 hours your job will be killed
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1,walltime=70:00:00
#your directory path that can be obtained by pwd
#PBS -d /home/username/Ansys
#loading variables do not change this

export PATH=/tools/licensed/ansys-17.0/v170/ansys/bin:$PATH

#writing mpd_nodes to boot mpd in these nodes and conf_file to select processors
`sort -u $PBS_NODEFILE > mpd_nodes`

#assignin nhosts variable to number of nodes
nhosts=`cat mpd_nodes | wc -l`

#generating conf_file to select processors
`sort $PBS_NODEFILE > conf_file`
proc=`cat conf_file | wc -l`

#printing initial timestamp
date > out.txt

#printing which host performed computation
/bin/hostname >> out.txt

#executing ansys with 16 processor, < your input file that call model file inside from it >> your output file
/tools/licensed/ansys-17.0/v170/ansys/bin/ansys170 -b -np $proc < example-apdl-file.txt>> out.txt

#end time stamp

date >> out.txt

end of your script

  • Create a directory using "mkdir Ansys"
  • Go to that directory using "cd Ansys"
  • Use the "nano" editor to create the file above:  nano
  • Make changes in your script (e.g. change 'username' to your username)
  • Use Ctrl + x to exit nano (you will be prompted to save your changes).
  • Make sure it is executable by "chmod 755"
  • Submit the job using "qsub ./"
  • Use the "showq" command to see if your job is running
  • You can terminate the session using "exit" but your job will be running.
  • You will be notified by email when your job completes.
  • You should use SCP to transfer the result files back to your local computer

Basic Example files to go with the above are provided below.  Upload them to your Ansys folder on the hopper cluster: