• Thomas A. Baginski - Associate Professor (Pennsylvania State Univ. - '84). Solid-state devices and materials; gettering; protective circuit design for ICs.
  • Fa (Foster) Dai - Associate Professor (Auburn University - '97, Penn State University - '98) VLSI circuits for digital, analog, and mixed-signal applications, high-speed RFIC designs for wireless and broadband communications.
  • Robert Dean - Assistant Professor (Auburn University - '06). MEMS devices and systems, advanced packaging, sensors, ruggedization for harsh environments, interface electronics.
  • R. Wayne Johnson - Professor (Auburn Univ. - '87). Multichip Modules (MCM-D, MCM-C, MCM-L); high temperature electronics; packaging and reliability; power electronics.
  • Victor P. Nelson - Professor (Ohio State Univ. - '78). VLSI design, modeling, testing and CAD Tools; fault-Tolerant systems, computer architecture and design, microprocessor applications.
  • Guofu Niu - Associate Professor (Fudan Univ., - 97). SiGe RF technology, RF devices and ICs, TCAD, noise, nuclear radiation effects.
  • Thaddeus A. Roppel - Associate Professor (Michigan State Univ. - 86). Collaborative robotics, sensors and sensor fusion, Neural networks and fuzzy logic.
  • Adit D. Singh - Professor (Virginia Polytechnic and State Univ. - '82). VLSI testing & design for testability, VLSI/wafer-scale integrated (WSI) systems, computer architecture, fault-tolerant systems.
  • Stuart M. Wentworth - Associate Professor (Univ. of Texas at Austin - '90). MMIC's; millimeter-wave detectors.
Active Research Projects
  • Polycrystalline diamond film deposition
  • Low temperature semiconductor electronics (MOS and bipolar devices & circuits 4K and up)
  • SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors
  • SiGe modulation doped field effect transistors
  • SiGeC alloys and their heterojunctions
  • Numerical simulation and modeling of SiGe HBT's and FET's
  • Radiation tolerance and reliability of SiGe HBT's
  • MCMs & multichip packaging - silicon-on-silicon, AIN, SiC, $Al_2O_3$, Insulated Metal, MCM-L, MCM-D, MCM-C (previous work from 77K - 350K)
  • Piezoresistive stress sensors for electronic packaging
  • Solder fatigue in electronic packaging
  • Monolithic & hybrid devices for stress, heat transfer, acceleration, gas flow, moisture and ion-specific sensing
  • Chemical detectors and sensor fusion
  • Liquid jet impingement and immersion cooling for high heat
  • flux microelectronics
  • Heat transfer in electronic packaging
  • high temperature electronics
  • Silicon carbide field-effect transistors
  • Deel-level transient spectroscopy
  • Contact resistance
  • Metal-semiconductor interface studies
  • Vapor phase (VPE) and liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) of Gallium Arsenide and Indium Phosphide materials
  • RFI immume electro-explosive devices for munitions, airbag blasting cap and related applications
  • Analog and digital integrated circuit design (MOSIS)
  • VLSI design, yield, and testability
  • Millimeter-wave detectors
  • MMICs
  • MEMS devices and packaging

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