Digital Systems

  • Vishwani D. Agrawal - James J. Danaher Professor (Univ. of Illinois-Champaign - '71) VLSI testing and low-power design.
  • Fa (Foster) Dai - Associate Professor (Auburn University - '97, Penn State University - '98) VLSI circuits for digital, analog, and mixed-signal applications, high-speed RFIC designs for wireless and broadband communications.
  • Soo-Young Lee - Professor (Univ. of Texas at Austin - '87) Parallel image processing, proximity effect correction in electron-beam lithography, application of signal processing to nanofabrication, parallel computing.
  • Victor P. Nelson - Professor (Ohio State Univ. - '78)VLSI design, modeling, testing and CAD Tools; fault-Tolerant systems, computer architecture and design, microprocessor applications.
  • Adit D. Singh - James B. Davis Professor (Virginia Polytechnic and State Univ. - '82) VLSI testing & design for testability, VLSI/wafer-scale integrated (WSI) systems, computer architecture, fault-tolerant systems.
  • Charles E. Stroud - Professor (Univ. of Illinois - '91) Design and built-in self-test of VLSI, field-programmable gate arrays, mixed-signal systems.
  • Chwan-Hwa (John) Wu - Professor (Polytechnic University - '87) Multimedia, video compression and networks, neural networks and fuzzy logic, parallel processing, optical computing, microelectronic fabrication modeling.
Recently Completed and Present Research Projects
VLSI CAD Laboratory:
  • Mentor Graphics, Intergraph and Berkeley CAD tools
  • semi- and full-custom ICs designed and fabricated through NSF MOSIS facility
  • rapid prototyping of digital circuits with PLDs and FPGAs
  • Integrated circuit and multi-chip module (MCM) testing and design for testability.
  • tests designed for Chrysler engine controller MCM
  • designed test strategies and testability features for ICs and MCMs
  • known good die screening in MCM assembly
  • IDDQ testing of CMOS circuits
  • test vector generation
  • on-chip built-in current sensor design
Parallel processing systems: design, support tools, and applications
  • three generations of parallel processing systems designed and implemented (hardware, software, and tools)
  • parallel algorithms for simulation, real-time control, and other applications
  • allocation of shared data to minimize network traffic
  • parallelization methods for time-consuming tasks
  • task mapping for parallel/distributed computing
Neural network design, implementation, and applications
  • implementations using transputers, neural net chips, and fuzzy chips
  • optoelectronic neural nets for pattern recognition
  • real-time neural net based on neural chips
  • real-time fuzzy system based on fuzzy chips
  • fault classification for a power system
Image processing and pattern recognition algorithms
  • recognition of faces and other images
  • recognition of English and Chinese characters
Multimedia applications
  • video compression, video conferencing, and video phone algorithms
  • multimedia authoring and teaching systems
Reliability modeling & evaluation of ultra-reliable/fault-tolerant systems
  • Markov and semi-markov modeling
  • use of CARE III, HARP, SHARP, and other software tools

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