Control Systems Research

  • John Y. Hung - Associate Professor (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - '89). Control systems engineering, nonlinear systems, variable structure control, adaptive control, signal processing and instrumentation, engineering education, applications: magnetic bearings, power electronics, intelligent vehicles.
  • Thomas S. Denney, Jr. - Professor (Johns Hopkins Univ. - '94). Magnetic resonance imaging, cardiovascular imaging, medical imaging, image processing, computer vision, image reconstruction.
Research Interests
  • Adaptive and Non-Linear Control
    • Adaptive and robust control
    • Variable structure control
    • Intelligent control (neural/fuzzy)
  • Signal Processing
    • Image processing, computer vision
    • Virtual reality
    • Control algorithm development
    • Digital simulation and analysis
    • Stochastic modeling and estimation
    • Data visualization
  • Control Implementation
    • Sensor development
      • low cost attitude sensors
      • optical LOS sensors
      • optical vibration sensors
    • Controller development
      • embedded controllers
      • DSP controllers
Completed and Current Projects
  • HEIDi - High Altitude Balloon - Flight 1993 (GSFC) - control and attitude sensing
  • GATE - Tether Application Satellite Exp. (MSFC)
  • Electronic Flight Instrument System (Industry) - attitude sensing plus mapped approach system
  • Fault-Tolerant Missile Control (Eglin)
  • Computer-Aided Design/Analysis Package (MSFC)
  • Numerical Methods (NSF)
  • Flight Dynamic Estimates (Industry)
  • 3D Motion with Magnetic Resonant Images
  • Sliding Mode Controller (SPI-NASA)
  • Digital Magnetic Bearing Control (SPI-NASA)
  • Fuzzy Control DC-DC Converters (SPI-NASA)
  • Vehicle "Land" Alert System (USTRB)

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