Biomedical Research

  • Soo-Young Lee - Professor (Univ. of Texas at Austin - '87). Task partitioning and mapping, shared data management, parallel/distributed simulation, image processing applications.
  • Stanley J. Reeves - Professor (Georgia Inst. of Tech. - '90). Signal processing, medical imaging, image and signal restoration and reconstruction, magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Thaddeus A. Roppel - Associate Professor (Michigan State Univ. - 86). Neural networks and fuzzy logic; sensors and sensor fusion.
  • Thomas S. Denney, Jr. - Professor (Johns Hopkins Univ. - '94). Magnetic resonance imaging, cardiovascular imaging, medical imaging, image processing, computer vision, image reconstruction.
  • Gopikrishna Deshpande - Assistant Professor (Georgia Inst. of Tech. - 2007). Signal and image processing, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), network modeling of brain function, real-time brain state classification using machine learning, neurosciences & neuoengineering.
Completed and Curent Projects
  • Cardiac motion reconstruction from magnetic resonance tagged image data.
  • Development of electronic olfactory sensor (artificial nose) using Taguchi-type gas sensors and neural network information processing.
  • Fast backprojection schemes for CT image reconstruction
  • Optimal sampling strategies in magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance
  • spectroscopic imaging.
  • Optimized reconstruction in computed tomography.
  • Parallel image reconstruction for 3-D computerized tomography
  • Robust control system design for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  • Study of artificial membrane biosensors for detection of contraband, explosives, and toxic substances. Funded in part by Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Reconstruction and modeling of magnetic resonance images.

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