Summary of Procedures

  1. Apply for an assistantship, if pertinent, with the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.
  2. Become familiar with requirements for the doctoral degree, as outlined in the Graduate Bulletin.
  3. Consult with the departmental advisor and become oriented to the departmental procedures.
  4. Obtain registration materials from the Graduate School and plan schedule of study for the first semester of course work.
  5. Submit the Residency Form available on the Graduate School Web Site.
  6. Establish an advisory committee through the major professor and department head. Official appointment of the Advisory Committee occurs when the plan of study is approved by the Graduate School.
  7. Access DegreeWorks on the Graduate School Web Site, create the plan of study, and submit to the Graduate School a plan approved by the advisory committee and department head, at least one semester prior to the semester in iwhch you plan to graduate.
  8. Register for and take the Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Qualifying Exam, no later than the end of the first academic year after beginning the program.
  9. Complete course work as detailed in the plan of study.
  10. Submit the Graduation Application to determine if all requirements are being met by the end of the semester right before the semester when you plan to graduate.
  11. Schedule the general examination (proposal) through the advisory committee one week in advance, using form A obtained from the Graduate School. Note that the general exam and final dissertation defense cannot take place either in the same semester or in two consecutive semesters.
  12. Submit the dissertation proposal for approval by the advisory committee and become familiar with the Electronic Thesis-Dissertation Guide.
  13. Prepare the dissertation and submit a committee-approved first draft to the Graduate School .
  14. Study recommendations of the outside reader and make appropriate improvements in the dissertation.
  15. On approval of the dissertation by the dean of the Graduate School, arrange for final oral examination.
  16. Submit the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Final Approval Form.
  17. Submit the final dissertation manuscript to the Graduate School.
  18. Submit a bound hardcopy of dissertation to the department within 2 weeks after submitting the final electronic version to the graduate school.
Note that Forms A, B, and C are involved in the general exam (dissertation proposal), and Forms X, Y, and Z in the final oral exam (dissertation defense).  The three forms for each exam are the application, announcement, and result report.  They, except for form A, are sent from the Graduate School to some or all of the major advisor, committee, and student.  Refer to the checklist at the Graduate School web site.

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