Advisory Committee and the Plan of Study

After the student has enrolled in the M.S. (thesis) program, an advisory committee should be selected by the student, major professor, and department head. The advisory committee is responsible for developing the student's plan of study and conducting the final examination. It should consist of at least three members of the faculty. At least two, including the major professor, must be members of the Graduate Faculty. The formal appointment of the advisory committee occurs when the plan of study is approved by the Graduate School.

The plan of study is a specific list of courses that the candidate must complete to satisfy the course requirements of the M.S. (thesis) degree. The Plan of Study should be completed by the student and the advisory committee and filed with the Graduate School at least one semester prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate.

The Graduate School recognizes that changes may be warranted, and a Plan of Study Revision can be submitted to make changes as required by student needs, research interests, and course availability.

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