Power Systems

  • Dr. S. Mark Halpin - Professor (Auburn Univ - '93). Power Systems.
  • Dr. Hulya Kirkici - Associate Professor (Polytechnic Univ of New York - '90). Voltage Breakdown and Power Conditioning
  • Dr. R. Mark Nelms - Professor (Virginia Polytechnic & State Univ. - '87). Power Electronics and Power Systems.
Current/Recent Areas of Research
  • Power Semiconductor Device Testing
  • Power Converter Design and Analysis
  • Simulation of Electromechanical Devices Including Saturation Effects
  • Electric Motor Drives
  • High Temperature Power Supplies for Space Applications
  • Eddy Current Braking of Electromechanical Systems
  • Nonlinear and Digital Control of Power Converters and Conditioners
  • High Voltage Breakdown
  • Multi-Phase Unbalanced Power System Studies, Steady-State Solutions and Stability Analysis
  • Multiple Power Flow Solutions and Voltage Stability
  • Application of Custom Power Controllers to Distribution Systems
  • Power Distribution System Planning
  • Resonant dc Link Inverters for the Control of Brushless dc Motors
  • Modeling and Analysis of Power Electronic Systems
  • Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent and High Pressure Sodium Lamps
  • Power Converters for Magnetic Bearing Systems
  • Optimum Capacitor Allocation in Power Distribution Systems
  • Experimental Measurement of the Frequency Response of a Typical Domestic Residence

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