ECE Industrial Advisory Board

Stephen Armstrong '96
President and CEO
O'Neal Steel, LLC

Pam Boyd '92
Power Delivery Technical Service GM
Alabama Power Company

Anne M. Cleary '94
Houston, TX

Brad Cothran '88
Vice President, Defense
Cimarron, Inc.

Harry G. Craft, Jr. '64
Senior Systems Engr.
Jacobs Tech.

Michael DeMaioribus '77
Senior Vice President (Retired)
Dynetics, Inc.

Amy T. Dobbs '78
Manager — HR Talent Acquistiion

Paula M. Marino '92, '95
Executive VP, Engineering & Construction Services
Southern Company Services

David McDonald '87
Director, Quality
Southwire Company

Carl A. Monroe '78
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Southwest Power Pool

Michael J. Moody (Mike) '84
Manager, Products and Hardware Solutions Div.
Dynetics, Inc.

Rodney L. Robertson '80
Executive Director
Huntsville Research Center
Auburn University

Scott Teal '88
Chief, Weapon Engagement Division
Air Force Research Laboratory, Munitions Directorate

Jerry Thomas '63
Senior Vice President (Retired)
SCI Systems

Johnny Thorington '90
Vice President Product Management
Synapse Wireless

Brad Tidwell '93
Engineering Director — Development Operations

Charlie Wilson '96
Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering
Sangoma Technologies

Brandon Wolfson '99, '01
President & CEO
Technology Service Corporation

T. J. Pruitt, '05 (Young Alumni Council)
Engineering Supervisor
Alabama Power Company

R. Mark Nelms
Professor & Chair
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Auburn University

Stu Wentworth
Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Auburn University

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