Programming teams crowd out top 15 in southeastern regional contest


First place winners from the team "OverbeyRiverAndThroughTheWoods," from left: 
David Shuckerow, Justin Middleton, Mitchell Price and William Hester, coach

Auburn’s programming teams put on an impressive display at the ACM Southeast USA Regional Intercollegiate Programming Contest, sponsored by IBM. The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering sent five teams, consisting of three students each, to the competition. They were coached by computer science junior William Hester. 

There were 47 teams in this year’s competition, and Auburn crowded out the top 15, winning 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th and 14th places. The winning team, “OverbeyRiverAndThroughTheWoods,” included members Justin Middleton, Mitchell Price and David Shuckerow. The other teams are "Drop Table" (2nd place), "Put Me in Coach" (5th place), "Hackstreet Boiz" (10th place), and "What is Java?" (14th place).