Science electives

The computer science program requires a 12-hour science component that develops an understanding of the scientific method and provides students with an opportunity to experience this mode of inquiry in courses for science or engineering majors that provide some exposure to laboratory work. To satisfy the science component, a computer science student must complete an eight-hour science sequence and take four hours of science electives.

The science sequence must be selected from one of the following physical science sequences.

Biology Sequence (eight hours)
BIOL 1020 (four) Principles of Biology
BIOL 1021 (0) Principles of Biology Lab
BIOL 1030 (four) Organismal Biology
BIOL 1031 (0) Organismal Biology Lab

Chemistry Sequence A (eight hours)
CHEM 1030 (three) Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHEM 1031 (one) Fundamentals of Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1040 (three) Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 1041 (one) Fundamentals of Chemistry II Lab

Chemistry Sequence B (eight hours)
CHEM 1110 (three) General Chemistry I
CHEM 1111 (one) General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1120 (three) General Chemistry II
CHEM 1121 (one) General Chemistry II Lab

Geology Sequence (eight hours)
GEOL 1100 (four) Physical Geology
GEOL 1101 (0) Physical Geology Lab
GEOL 1110 (four) Historical Geology
GEOL 1111 (0) Historical Geology Lab

Physics Sequence A (8 hours)
PHYS 1500 (four) General Physics I
PHYS 1510 (four) General Physics II
* Both PHYS 1500 and PHYS 1510 contain a lab component.

Physics Sequence B (eight hours)
PHYS 1600 (four) Engineering Physics I
PHYS 1610 (four) Engineering Physics II
* Both PHYS 1600 and PHYS 1610 contain a lab component.

The four hours of science electives can only be satisfied by taking one or more courses that meets all of the following requirements.

  • ​A science elective must be a course with one of the following physical science designations: BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, or PHYS.
  • A science elective must be at or above the level of the allowable science sequence courses in its physical science designation.

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