Guideline on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Applications for Summer Internships


This guideline is applicable for international graduate students (i.e., F-1 Students). After you accept a summer internship offer, you should carry out the following two steps. 

1.  Step 1 - Curricular Practical Training 

2.  Step 2 – Directed Study


Step 1 - Curricular Practical Training 

You must apply for curricular practical training or CPT. You will have to provide an official offer letter describing your summer internship position and salary. The detailed information pertaining to the CPT application is available on the website of the Office of International Programs


Step 2 – Directed Study

You must register at least 1 credit hour directed study (i.e., COMP7930 for Master’s Students and COMP8930 for Doctoral Students) in the summer during which you secure the internship . The directed study must be related to your summer internship project. The guideline on COMP7930/8930 directed study is available in both HTML and PDF format. 


REVISED: Sept. 26, 2017


Last Updated: 9/26/17 4:05 PM