Computer recommendations

Computers are an essential part of computer science and software engineering and Auburn's computer network is one of the finest in the nation, including wireless access in many areas of campus.

The dominant systems in the College of Engineering are IBM-compatible PCs and Sun Workstations. Students who wish to purchase a computer are encouraged to purchase IBM-compatible PCs. Students who do not own personal computers may lease them through the university or another source or they can utilize our 24-hour student computer labs. Minimum recommendations:

Computer Recommendation Information

USB Pen Drive:
4 GB USB Pen Drive

B&W - Recommend laser printer for black & white printer. HP LaserJet or Brother - Approx $120-250
Color - HP DeskJet, Canon BubbleJet, Epson Stylus; Approx $75-200

Most Windows PCs will come with Windows 7.  All Versions of Windows 7 are supported.  We do still support Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Microsoft Office is used in most curricula and is in all Engineering computer labs. OpenOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is available for download online from or on a free FCI CD provided by the College of Engineering during Camp War Eagle or from the download page. Open Office supports all Microsoft Office documents formats. It is recommended that you try Open Office and if it does not meet your needs, purchase Microsoft Office at an Educational discount from the AU Bookstore or other Educational dealer.

Virus Protection: AU provides Sophos Anti-Virus software for all students free of charge. Sophos is not recommended for personal computers.  One of the free virus scans work better as stand alone scanners (ie. Avast! Free, Free AVG, or Microsoft security Essentials )

Other software may be purchased as needed for coursework. It is recommended that you not purchase this software in advance due to version and requirements change

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