Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Directory

Hari Narayanan
Department Chair
Hari Narayanan

Auburn University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering is on an upward trajectory in terms of enrollment, research and reputation. Total student enrollment is approaching 1000 undergraduate and graduate students. Our faculty continue to be highly productive in research, working in the areas of artificial & computational intelligence, autonomous land & aerial vehicles, bioinformatics & computational biology, data science & engineering, computer architecture, computer, cyber & infrastructure security, computer & wireless networks, computer science education, computer games, database systems, distributed, embedded, parallel & high performance computing systems, energy-efficient systems, human-computer interaction, image processing, internet of things, machine learning, mobile device software, modeling and simulation, multi-agent systems, software analytics & engineering, and software visualization. Faculty in the department submitted research proposals worth over 10 million dollars and received research grants totaling over 1.3 million dollars last year. Our graduates are widely welcomed by industry and graduate schools across the nation. The average starting salary for our graduates is $74,500. Best of all, seven new faculty joined us in fall 2017, bringing the total number of faculty in the department to 26.

Myoung An - Associate Research Professor

  (617) 590-6943

  3101 Shelby Center


Digital Signal Processing Noncommutative Group Harmonic Analysis Time-Frequency Analysis Waveform Design Sonar and Radar Signal Processing

Homer Carlisle - Associate Professor Emeritus

Gerry Dozier - Professor

  (334) 844-6327

  3127H Shelby Center

John Hamilton - Affiliate Professor, Director, Center for Cyber Innovation, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Mississippi State University

  (662) 325 2294

  2 Research Boulevard, Mississippi State, MS 39759 Unlisted

Dean Hendrix - Director of Computer Science and Software Engineering Undergraduate Programs

  (334) 844-6305

  3127B Shelby Center


software visualization program comprehension studio based learning reverse engineering computing education software engineering jGRASP database systems

Jacqueline Hundley - Senior Lecturer

  (334) 844-6337

  3101F Shelby Center


Anh Nguyen - Assistant Professor

  (334) 844-6318

  3101R Shelby Center

Deep Learning Machine Learning Computer Vision Neural Networks Generative Modeling Visualization

Tung Nguyen - Assistant Professor

  (334) 844-4330

  3101T Shelby Center

Software Engineering Software Analytics Mobile App Development Data Mining Machine Learning

Rodrigo Sardinas - Lecturer

  (334) 844-6320

  3127H Shelby Center

Cheryl Seals - Associate Professor

  (334) 844-6319

  3101M Shelby Center


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