Graduate Prerequisites

Per the MS-CYBE/MS-CSSE/PhD-CSSE description on our department’s website, most applicants should have an undergraduate degree in a closely related area. Appropriate background in the following undergraduate-level areas will be required for MS-CYBE/MS-CSSE/PhD-CSSE students.
  1. Fluency in a high-level programming language such as C, C++, Java, or Python
  2. Data structures and algorithms
  3. Discrete mathematics
  4. Computer organization and architecture
  5. Operating systems
  6. Computer networks
Students without this background will be required to take the following courses before admission to the MS-CYBE/MS-CSSE/MS-PhD program.
Semester 1
  • COMP 2210 Fundamentals of Computing II
  • COMP 3240 Discrete Structures
  • COMP 3350 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
Semester 2
  •  COMP 3270 Introduction to Algorithms
  •  COMP 3500 Operating Systems
  •  COMP 4300 Computer Architecture
  •  COMP 4320 Computer Networks

This prerequisite prescription is largely dependent on the individual applicant's background and job experience. You may take the pre-requisite courses through our online undergraduate degree program or CPSC for short: may contact Mr. Russell Denney ( – Student Services Coordinator or Dr. Chapman ( – the director of the program, if you have any question regarding the online undergraduate degree program. The following table summarizes the mappings between CSSE Graduate Program Pre-requisites and the CPSC equivalent courses (i.e., online undergraduate courses listed at

COMP Undergraduate Courses CPSC Equivalent Courses
COMP 2210 Data Structures in Java CPSC 1233* (*1213 & 1223 if no background)
COMP 3240 Discrete Structures CPSC 3243
COMP 3350 Comp Org and Assembly Language CPSC 3303
COMP 3270 Algorithms CPSC 3273 & CPSC 3283
COMP 3500 Operating Systems CPSC 3333
COMP 4300 Computer Architecture CPSC 3323
COMP 4320 Computer Networks CPSC 3353 & CPSC 3363
 Table: The mappings between the pre-requisites and the online CPSC equivalent courses

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