Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Our department offers financial support to outstanding graduate students (e.g., admitted PhD students), usually through teaching and/or research assistantships (GRA). All assistantships include tuition waivers. A very limited number (i.e., 4-8 per year) of fellowships may also be available. Competition for support is open to all students (MS, Ph.D., domestic and international students). All new students, both domestic and international, are automatically considered for the award of graduate teaching assistant (GTA) positions. Graduate research assistantships (GRAs) are offered by faculty members through their research grants. Please refer to the “Faculty Research Interests” section below for details on our faculty research.

In an effort to recruit outstanding graduate students, the university and college offer fellowships to a select group of candidates who have the potential to excel in graduate studies at Auburn (AU Presidential Graduate Research Fellowships   and   College of Engineering Graduate Fellowships). If you are admitted to our graduate program, the department will assist you in applying for these fellowships.


Full Tuition Fellowships

Full tuition fellwoships are available to all graduate students on a 33 percent or greater assistantship assignment (i.e., 0.33 FTE units or equivalent employees working full-time).


Faculty Research Interests

For details about the research interests of our faculty members, and other information pertaining to our graduate programs, please visit our website below                 

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