Training Workshops

  Workshop 1: International Students Job Search

    Part 1 - Topics:

  • Employer concerns: cost, timing, obligations and responsibilities
  • Typical employment paths: Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (F1), Academic Training (J1), Work Visas (H1B)
  • Optional Practical Training for STEM students
  • How you can understand the immigration process and train employers
    Part 2 - Topics:
  • Developing a unique job search strategy
  • Specific tools to inform and customize your search
  • Job search steps and timeline
    Part 3 - Topics:
  • The role of communication and networking in the job search
  • Where to network and how to present yourself to others
  • Communication etiquette and follow-up
  • Elevator pitches and responses to common questions

  Workshop 2: Cloud Fundamental Series

The Cloud Fundamental Series is online meetup sessions for students/developers who want to start with Cloud skills. Join GDG Cloud Auburn team every week covering Google Cloud Platform (GCP) essentials to application based hands-on sessions from Jun 20th - Aug 8th (8 weeks), with 2 hours over every weekend.
PART 1: What is GCP? GCP Essentials & Tools
  • Jun 20th (10 am - 12 pm CST): Introduction to GCP, A tour of Google Cloud console, Creating VMs & Compute Engine
  • Jun 27th: Introduction to Docker & Kubernetes Engine
  • July 4th: Introduction to Serverless computing & Firebase
  • July 11th: Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Cloud Pub/Sub
PART 2: Using GCP for applications
  • July 18th: Deploy a website on Cloud run & Hosting on Compute Engine
  • July 25th: App development in Python - App Engine, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Storage, User Auth
  • Aug 1st: Using GCP as a Back-end for iOS and Android

  Workshop 3: How to land internships?

 Graduate Student Presenters:
  • Zhitao Gong and Yang Cao, Oct. 31, 2018.
In this workshop, we explore ways to prepare for internship applications and interviews. In the workshop you will:
  • Learn how to apply for internships
  • Prepare for interview questions
  • Follow-up with employers
  • Receive tips that help you secure internships

  Workshop 4: How to write research papers? 

This workshop aims to enhance your skills in effectively writing high-quality research papers. After completing this workshop, you are expected to:
  • Create elements of successful research papers
  • Follow an effective paper-writing procedure
  • Communicate your research ideas in a paper
  • Design good and impressive titles
  • Construct a thorough and descriptive abstract
  • Write a related-work section
  • Summarize your research projects

  Workshop 5: How to apply for academic jobs?

  Coming soon ... 


  Workshop 6: How to prepare for programming interviews?

  Coming soon ...


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