Steps and Checklist

Students who have been officially admitted to the graduate school should meet with the graduate program officer of the CSSE department prior to their first registration. He/she will arrange for a "temporary" major professor who will act as the student's adviser during the first one or two semesters.

All students should become familiar with the current graduate school section of the Auburn University Bulletin. The students must adhere to all regulations stated therein, especially the section titled "Summary of Procedures for Master's Degree Programs" and "Summary of Procedures for Doctoral Degree Programs." A checklist is provided for meeting the graduate school requirements.

Collectively the graduate school and the computer science and software engineering department require that the following schedules be met in order to assure orderly progression toward a degree. Additional requirements may be given in the Auburn University Bulletin. Nonconformity with these guidelines can result in considerable delay in receiving the degree. (Note: The steps given are listed in normal sequence. A step marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be approved until all preceding steps have been completed).




1. Complete prerequisite work and take GRE general exam.

As soon as possible. GRE scores must be received by the end of the first semester.

2. Arrange for permanent major professor.

Before the end of the second semester. (third course for off campus students).

3. Have advisory committee appointed.

Before the end of the second semester (third course for off campus students).

4. Outline tentative plan of study; secure approval of advisory committee.

Before the end of the second semester (third course for off campus students).

5. *Submit formal plan of study to the graduate school.

Before the end of the second semester (third course for off campus students).

6. *Write thesis/project proposal and obtain advisory committee approval.

Before the end of the second semester in residence (fifth course for off campus students).

7. *Go to the graduate school for a credit check.

One semester before graduation.

8. *Deliver final draft of thesis/project to your advisor for approval.

First day of semester (thesis) in which degree is expected OR before the semester in which the degree is expected.

9. *Get a second credit check from the graduate school.

By the end of the semester before graduation.

10. Arrange for major professor to schedule oral examination. Major professor must return Report of the Examining Committee (See the graduate school form 8 or 9) to the graduate school.

Final results must be reported to the graduate school by mid-semester in which the degree is expected. (See the graduate school calendar for the exact date).

11. *Deliver at least five copies of thesis (department, student, major professor, library (2)) to the graduate school, or deliver two copies of the project final report to CSSE. Thesis/project report must be ready for binding. Prepare an electronic copy for a CSSE technical report.

Same deadline as for the report of the thesis examining committee.

12. *Pay thesis binding and graduation fee.

At least two weeks before commencement.

13. *Participate in commencement.

Should you fail to meet any of the above deadlines, you will not graduate in the corresponding semester and must register in the following semester. If your research is not complete, you are to register for COMP 7990 or COMP 7980 (minimum of one credit). If your research is complete and only administrative matters remain, you are to register for GRAD 7000. A fee is required in either case.

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