Guideline on COMP7930/8930 Directed Studies


Guideline on Course Registration for COMP7930/8930 Directed Studies

1.  Directed Study Approval Form 

2.  Where to submit the form?

3. A Caveat

4. References

Directed Study Approval Form

After you register for a directed study course (i.e., COMP7930 for Master’s, COMP8930 for Ph.D.), you must immediately file the directed study approval form [2]. The purpose of such applications is to maintain the highest level of academic quality and integrity in the instructional process [1].

In the application form, your major professor (a.k.a., advisor) who will coach you through the COMP7930/8930 course has to specify the course objectives, teaching-learning process, proposed work, and grading criteria (see also [2]).

Please download and print the approval form here [2]:

Where to submit the form? 

After you and your advisor sign the application form, please bring the form to Mr. Clint Lovelace for final approval. 

A Caveat

Please note that Master's students may not take more than three (3) credit hours of COMP7930 Directed Study, whereas doctoral students may not take more than six (6) hours of COMP8930 Directed Study.


[1] Auburn University Directed Studies Definition and Policy

[2] The Approval for Independent Study / Directed Readings form


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