Faculty Course Surveys

At the end of each term, faculty are asked to participate in evaluating the undergraduate courses they have taught (including electives and 5000-level courses).

Two surveys are employed:

  • Faculty End of Course Survey (form-fillable docx file providing the opportunity to comment on course improvements and modifications throughout the semester).
  • Course Outcomes Survey (Paper survey distributed by mail to determine the extent of mastery of course outcomes by students).

A list of the required courses (core courses) in which the faculty evaluate course outcomes is provided below.

Required Chemical Engineering Courses

  • CHEN2100 Principles of Chemical Engineering
  • CHEN2610 Transport I
  • CHEN3370 Phase and Reaction Equilibria
  • CHEN3600 Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering
  • CHEN3620 Transport II
  • CHEN3650 Chemical Engineering Analysis
  • CHEN3660 Chemical Engineering Separations
  • CHEN3700 Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • CHEN3820 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
  • CHEN4170 Digital Process Control
  • CHEN4450 Process Economics and Safety
  • CHEN4460 Process Simulation and Optimization
  • CHEN4470 Process Design Practice
  • CHEN4860 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II

Required Engineering Courses

  • ENGR1110 Introduction to Engineering
  • ENGR2010 Thermodynamics
Last Updated: May 08, 2015