Course Notebook Policy

Approved by CAPAC and Departmental Chair: May 27, 2008
Last Revision: June 17, 2011 

In order to provide the department with accurate and consistent information about classroom activities, a course notebook detailing instructional activities will be prepared by all faculty and instructors teaching undergraduate courses (5000-level or below). This activity will be a continuous process coordinated by the CAPAC committee.

Course notebooks will be required for all departmental undergraduate courses.  This includes pre-CHEN courses such as ENGR1110, core courses (required chemical engineering courses), elective courses, and special topics courses (formal courses in development).  For courses offered at both the 5000-level and 6000-level, the materials presented should only reflect the 5000-level version. It is not required for undergraduate research, independent study or similar courses.

Course notebooks will be submitted to the department at the end of the term and serve as a “snapshot” to be used in course and curriculum improvement as well as peer review, accreditation and other purposes.

In that faculty will be supplying exams and major assignments as well as problem solution information, please be assured that these materials will be maintained securely in the CAPAC office. 

It is suggested that the necessary notebook materials be collected “as the term progresses” rather than assembled at the end of the term.  It is also suggested that the faculty end of course survey be acquired (as a downloadable PDF file) and that relevant course activities relating to course improvement and other course issues be logged into the survey as they are occurring.

The following clarifies the nature and handling of the materials to be collected.

Course Notebooks

  1. A course notebook may be a physical 3 ring binder, a folder, an electronic facsimile (appropriately labeled folders and files) or a combination of these.  In all cases, the materials must be presented the order specified in the Course Notebook Cover Page. 
  2. Notebook binders and notebook dividers will be provided by the CHEN office.  The notebook will also contain a hardcopy of the Course Notebook Cover Page.
  3. If materials are being provided electronically, they must be contained on an appropriately labeled standard formatted CD.  Materials must be properly arranged in folders with names corresponding to the notebook dividers. 
  4. If your course has significant web content, it is NOT appropriate to provide documentation that only shows web-links to documents. The documents themselves need to be provided a CD since the links to your current terms materials may not be valid in the future.
  5. If your course has been taught under Blackboard Vista or Instructure Canvas, you will need to provide paper or electronic versions of your assignments, exams, etc.
  6. For quick reference, a course notebook contains the following information in the given order:
  • Cover sheet
  • Course syllabus or course outline
  • Copies of all handouts directly related to the instructional mission of the course (it is not necessary to provide copies of handouts of a non-essential nature)
  • Copies of all exams (include the solution of these exams)
  • Copy of final exam (include the solution of this exams)
  • Copies of all quizzes (optionally include the solution of these quizzes).
  • Schedule reflecting the homework assignments made (if taken from the course text) or copies of the assignments themselves if not taken from the course text).  Solution are not required.
  • Copies of other major assignments (special projects, term projects, reports, etc.)
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2011