Course Notebook Information


The following abbreviated instructions and information are provided to serve as a convenient reference for the preparation of course notebooks and other essential information for departmental and accreditation purposes.  For complete information about the history of and full requirements for course notebooks, please read Course Notebook Policy.

Contained on this web page are all relevant materials and instructions that will allow you to conveniently collect and prepare course notebooks as well as a discussion of departmental policies and other departmental activities such as the completion of faculty course surveys, etc. At this point in the assessment cycle, student work exhibits are not being collected.  

If you have suggestions for the improvement of these instructions, please make them known to Dr. Placek.

Schedule of Deliverables for Instructional Activities

In order to ensure that the department is in compliance with accreditation and university policies, the following schedule is provided.

Before classes begin:

  1. See Karen Cochran if you haven’t received a notebook, dividers and check sheet for each of your undergraduate classes.
  2. Please review Faculty Teaching Policies each term as changes are implemented frequently.

First week of term

  1. Distribute course syllabus, course requirements (grading policy, absence policy, etc.), and other course policies matters (Note: Many AU policies impact course requirements. Please review Faculty Teaching Policies as necessary.)
  2. Distribute and/or discuss specific departmental policies including:
    1. Required Homework Format
    2. Honesty Policy
    3. Calculator Policy
  3. Discuss use of Departmental Evaluation Questions (DEQs) on exams and quizzes
  4. Make students aware of available resources in online Student Handbook.

During term

  1. Conduct quizzes or exam-based Departmental Evaluation Questions (DEQs).
  2. Collect exam questions and exam solutions for inclusion in course notebook. 
    Note: Collection of student work exhibits are not required at this time.
  3. Record pertainent comments and observations into the Faculty Course Survey Form as issues arise.  This is preferable to waiting until the end of the term to try to recall the teaching improvements and various instructional issues arising during the term.

End of term (completed by commencement)

  1. Complete and submit Faculty Course Survey Form
  2. Complete the Course Notebook Cover Page 
  3. Delivery of Course Notebook to Karen

Reference Documentation

  1. Accreditation-related Documents
    1. Program Educational Objectives
    2. Program Outcomes
  2. Departmental Teaching Policies and Handouts
    1. Course Notebook Policy
    2. Required Homework Format
    3. Homework Format Essentials
    4. Homework: Myths, Realities, and Student Views
    5. Exam Honesty Policy Statement
    6. Calculator Policy
    7. Lab Honesty Policy
    8. Suggested Policy Regarding Grading of Undergraduate Courses
  3. Departmental Documentation
    1. Course Outlines and Outcomes
    2. Course Prerequisites
Last Updated: Aug 10, 2012