Graduate FAQ

What is the minimum GPA for admission into the Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering?

  • 3.0 on the of 4.0. Most students admitted into our program have a GPA greater than 3.3.

What is the minimum score on the GRE?

  • There is no minimum for the GRE.

What is the minimum score on the TOEFL?

  • The minimum score on the TOEFL is 550 (paper test), 213 (electronic test), or 796 (internet test).

What is Auburn University's code number to send ETS test scores?

  • 1005

Can the application fee be waived? Who do I make the check payable to?

  • No, the application fee cannot be waived. The university, not the department mandates this fee. The check is payable to Auburn University.

If I did not pay my application fee online when I applied, can I go back online to pay my fee?

  • No, if you did not pay your application fee at the time that you applied online, then you must pay the fee either by mail or by telephoning the Graduate School at 334.844.2133. Note: International students payment must be in the form of a traveler's check or money order.

Should I send my application material directly to the department or to the Graduate School?

  • The chemical engineering graduate screening committee would prefer you to send your application material directly to the department. Electronic materials such as letters of recommendation or application for assistantship should be emailed to

What is the application deadline for admission consideration for Fall Semester?

  • Fall semester is our largest admission semester. For primary consideration, submit your application material before January 1.

Is the TSE test required and can it be taken after arriving in Auburn?

  • When international students are accepted, they are offered an assistantship. For the first semester, this assistantship is in the form of a GTA. Teaching assistants must take the TSE. In certain situations, an oral exam can be taken upon arrival in Auburn.

I can't afford to pay tuition or living expenses. Are there assistantships available and when will I know if I have received one?

  • If you return a form entitled application for assistantship (the form is either mailed to you or printed from the chemical engineering website), with your application material, an offer of an assistantship is issued at the same time you are recommended for graduate school admission.
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Last Updated: 9/6/18 10:06 PM