Undergrads Win Top Awards at Eighth Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Forum

Chemical Engineering undergraduates performed exceptionally well at The Eighth Annual Auburn University Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Forum, which took place April 13-14. Engineering students represented ~35% of the undergraduate presentations, with Chemical Engineering students representing ~22% of the undergraduate presentations, and receiving 4 of the 14 awards.

2011 Outstanding Research Presentation Award, Competitive Undergraduate Research Fellowship

1st Place - David Harris (Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Dr. Mark Byrne)
Design of Imprinted Biomaterials for Use on Drug Eluting Cardiovascular Stent

2011 Sigma Xi Outstanding Science or Engineering Research Presentation Award

1st Place - Phillip Higginbotham (Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Dr. Virginia Davis)
Characterization of Buckypapers Using Capillary Flow Porometry

2nd Place - Caitlyn Coats (Chemical Engineering, Advisor(s): Dr. Sushil Bhavnani - Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Steve Best-AU OVPR Space Research Institute)
Alabama High Frequency Solar Variability Studies

2011 Sigma Xi Outstanding Scientific or Engineering Poster Presentation Award

2nd Place - Hunter Rogers (Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Dr. Chris Roberts)
The Effects of Morphology on the Catalytic Activities of Platinum Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Green Chemistry Methods

The Eighth Annual Auburn University Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Forum provides a venue for Auburn undergraduate students to present research and creative projects to the broader academic community. Undergraduates from all disciplines are invited to present their current and recent academic work, showcasing the diversity of topics, approaches, and interests at Auburn University. The Eighth Annual Auburn University Undergraduate Research and Creative Forum is also a resource for undergraduates not yet engaged in research or creative pursuits to foster intellectual interests, current projects, and faculty connections. Finally, it provides an occasion for students and faculty to explore interdisciplinary connections between cutting-edge programs across the university.

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Last Updated: May 20, 2011