Pilot Paper Machine

Pilot Paper MachineAuburn's pilot paper machine is capable of manufacturing a wide range of grades from lightweight tissue to heavy board. The untrimmed sheet width is 13.25", and the machine speeds are in the 25-50 feet/minute range, depending on basis weight. The machine has an atmospheric headbox with a standard Fourdrinier forming section, three wet presses, a Yankee dryer, two dryer sections (steam heated, 3 cans, 4 cans), a size press and a calender stack. Operation is controlled by a state-of the-art Yokogawa DCS system.

The paper machine is utilized for a range of applications. The primary function is the manufacture of specialty paper-based intermediate materials containing embedded metal fibers. These sheets are subsequently converted into micro fibrous metal fiber-based products.

The machine is also available for product development trials for the benefit of member companies of the Auburn Pulp and Paper Foundation. Research applications include determination of the papermaking characteristics of alternative fiber resources. The machine is also utilized for educational purposes.

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011