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This area of precision forestry encompasses a wide variety of activities thatuse geospatial information to assist in the site-specific management of forests and planning of future operations. This actually encompasses many current management and planning activities since many industrial and private landowners use geospatial tools to manage their land bases. Traditional examples would include using geographic information systems (GIS) to help develop management plans for forested areas; however, what makes these activities fit under the PF umbrella would be an emphasis on site-specific management.

New examples of this type of precision forestry include the use of information technology to optimize the transportation routes of wood products from the forest to their most appropriate processing location. Advances in wireless communication are at the point where much of this information can be shared from the harvesting machine directly to transportation dispatching services and to the manufacturing facilities. Another example of site-specific management and planning is the use of something similar to an agricultural yield map for collecting site-specific performance on a timber tract and using this information to develop site-specific management plans. Recent developments in forest yield mapping are discussed in the latter part of this paper.

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Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011