Student Employment

Students are employed in the department in two main categories: as a Work Study Student or a Student Assistant. Work Study Student positions are federally subsidized and must be applied for in AU's Student Employment office, 300 Martin, #844-6868. There is one standing Work Study position in the department and this student does general office work; occasionally there is an additional Work Study position associated with a particular professor, project, etc.

In general, Student Assistants in Biosystems Engineering work with a particular professor, staff member, or project. If the professor or staff member does not already have a particular student in mind for the job, he/she will post a position announcement in the building (Corley Bldg.) and around campus. Occasionally a student may also work through AU's Temporary Services (Coliseum).

Student Assistants and Work Study students must obtain a referral from Student Employment (300 Martin) as the first step in being hired. Work Study students are notified of their awards ahead of time and know to report to Student Employment to receive the referral. Once it is determined that a particular individual will work in the department as a Student Assistant, that person must go to Student Employment and obtain a referral by telling the staff there that he/she will be working as a Student Asst. for whoever wants to hire him/her; the student must also provide a social security number.

Once the referral is obtained, the student should then see Amber Denham, in 207 Corley (844-3537), who will have several forms (i.e., tax info.) that the student worker must fill out. Once the student's paperwork has gone through the system and he/she is officially hired, a timesheet must be submitted every two weeks for payroll.

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2017