Food Safety Engineering (BERL-026)

The laboratory supports research on food engineering. Development of value-added products and usage of by-products are two primary aspects of the research program.fodd saftey Work underway includes several projects that are focused on developing new value-added food products or functional food ingredients. Examples of these research efforts include: a) extracting functional food ingredients from algae; b) quantifying chemical, physical, and nutritional properties of cultured oysters; c) processing algae for production of alcohols; d) identifying causes of off-flavor and off-color in catfish filets; e) developing new products from catfish processing byproducts; and f) developing high strength gelatin films for increased food shelf life.

Laboratory Equipment:

•Texture analyzer
•Moisture analyzer
•Refrigerated and heated bath and circulator
•UV-VIS spectrometer
•Freeze drier
•Electric smoker
•Sieve shaker
•Rotary evaporation apparatus
•Lab shakers and stirrers
•Digital burrette
•Ultrasonic cleaner
•Balance, Desiccator
•Walk-in cooler
Last Updated: Aug 28, 2014