Biosystems Automation Laboratory (BERL 120)

The laboratory supports research focused on off-highway machinery automation, development of new technology to better place nutrients and pesticides, and solutions to harvesting and transporting cellulosic biomass. High-bay space allows automationoperation and testing of large equipment such as Tier-4 tractor engines, nutrient and pesticide application equipment such as sprayers and fertilizer spreaders, and biomass harvesting systems.  Equipment such as a PTO dynamometer is used in this space for engine testing and Control Area Network (CAN) data collection for evaluating fuel, power and other parameters.  The area will also contain a spray table providing the ability to evaluate deposition and droplet spectrum of spray tips.  Finally, agricultural equipment can be positioned to study new sensor and instrumentation systems for monitoring machine performance on a geospatial basis.

Laboratory Equipment:

  • John Deere 6420
  • Caterpillar TimberKing HF221-Felling Head
  • Variable-Rate Spinner-Disc Spreader
  • Chandler Variable-Rate Fertilizer/Lime Spreader
  • Chandler Variable-Rate Litter Spreader
Last Updated: Aug 28, 2014