Dr. Brian Thurow

Principle Investigatorbrian

Dr. Christopher Clifford

Post-Doctoral Researcherchris

Current Graduate Students

Tim Fahringer,

PhD Candidatetim

Dominic Hildebrandt,

PhD Studentdominic

Kyle Johnson, 

PhD Studentkyle

Johnathan Bolton,

MS Studentjohnathan

Jenna Klemkowsky,

PhD Studentjenna

Elise Hall,

PhD Studentelise

Cassie Jones

PhD Studentcassie

Affiliated Graduate Students  

  • Paul Anglin, Electrical Engineering (Advisor: Dr. Stanley Reeves)
  • Chris Rose, Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Dr. David Bevly)

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Wil Roberts
  • Chris Whalen
  • Cassie Seelbach
  • Tam Thornton

Former Graduate Students 

  • Blake Melnick, Instructor, Auburn University
  • Abhishek Bichal
  • Jeffrey Bolan 
  • Chelsea Thomason
  • Brian Brock
  • Harris Haynes, MS
  • Kyle Lynch, PhD candidate at TU-Delft
  • Zach Reid, Aeronautical Engineer, L-3 Communications
  • Aman Satija, PhD candidate at Purdue University
  • Tyler Williams, Mechanical Engineer, US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, ORAU Fellowship

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Steven Carpenter
  • Lauren McManus, PhD student at University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Brian Dennig, Design Engineer at Bertrandt US
  • Chase Foster
  • Brooke Hill, Rolls-Royce
  • Laura Layton, Associate Test Engineer, Alion Science & Technology
  • Joseph Moore, GE Aviation
  • Scott Thomas
  • Bobby Thompson, Oxygen Systems Engineer, Airbus
  • David Wall, Boeing
  • Adam Willis, AST Structural Design Engineer at NASA MSFC

Note:   If you are a former student, please contact Dr. Thurow  to update him on your whereabouts

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016