Welcome to Space Technology and Application Research (STAR) Lab.


Auburn Space Technology Applications Research (STAR) laboratory conducts multidisciplinary research related to space engineering and sciences. We explore challenging problems in space, applying the developed technologies and knowledge to space missions, and attempt to expand the possibility of our future activities in space. The currently focused research topics in the STAR lab are related to asteroid deflection and mining and space explorations to other planetary bodies. Specifically, we conduct dynamical and geophysical analyses of small bodies and cratered surfaces on planetary bodies interdisciplinarily, using orbital and attitude dynamics, continuum mechanics, and geophysical knowledge. We apply our pioneering technologies and knowledge to future space missions, proposing new methodologies for challenging operations. 

In the STAR lab, we conduct various engineering and science problems in planetary science missions. We explore problems that challenge new future missions to asteroids such as sample return missions, asteroid defense, and asteroid mining. We also study geophysical surface processes on planetary bodies, which provide the key processes of the solar system evolutions and give constraints on the locations of future exploration missions and our new colonies on such bodies.

To pursue these problems, we develop and use various astronautical techniques and geophysical tools. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to obtain unique knowledge and techniques that provide innovative solutions and possibilities of future missions. 

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