I have closely involved in K-12 education particularly with the 4-H program administered by the Alabama Extension Service. Under this program, I helped with the setting up of the robotics, model rocketry and science experiments for 4-Hers.

Red rocket   Kids performing bottle rocket simulation    Kids performing rocket simulation


Kids performing rocket simulation at booth  Kids up talking    Simulation rover


kids performing rocket simulation    Model rockets


Aerospace Engineering Department regularly hosts tours of the labs (wind tunnels and water tunnel) in addition to E-Day, and support of summer programs with hands on experience in wind tunnel testing.


I have served as a mentor to K-12 students interested in science fair projects and also help with design and testing of experiments. Shown in the photos below are two high school students who learned to design and build a functioning wind tunnel with cardboard, foam-board, glue, and duct tape. 


Kids creating wind tunnel    Kids creating wind tunnel


Centennial of Flight


Poster display with student and Ahmed    Poster display with student

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