2008 Southern Regional Conference

Auburn University - Auburn , AL

April 4-6, 2008

Car Competition __

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In 2006, AIChE’s Board of Directors instituted new policies that affect student chapters participating in AIChE’s national and regional Chem-E-Car Competitions. Student teams and their advisors will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to safety awareness, safety planning, and safe practices as a standard component of their Car Competition participation, and through several measures.

Complete rules and Safety requirements for the 2008 AIChE ChemE Car Competition are available at AIChE National.

Teams competing at regional conference must register their team and submit their abstract (click registration link below) by the **Deadline Monday, March 10th at 5 p.m. Central Time**

There is no fee associated with entering the ChemE Car Competition.


Teams competing at the Regional Conference must submit JSA forms by the **Deadline Tuesday, March 25th at NOON Central Time** using the following instructions:

1.Complete the JSA with requested advisor signatures and submit electronic copies only by the deadline Tuesday, March 25th.
2.Send these via email to the regional safety coordinator Dr. James Smith jesmith@che.uah.edu and to Dave Mills millsdr@auburn.edu.
3.The email subject line must read: “Regional Meeting Location” “Car Name” “University”.
4.Failure to submit the JSA on time means disqualification from the regional competition.

JSA Form: Click Here

Click here for an example of a completed JSA form.

The new JSA form and information on the JSA is on-line here.

Additionally, to compete at regional Chem-E-Car Competitions, chapters must have satisfactorily completed an AIChE-sponsored Chem-E-Car Safety training workshop. If your schools training status is not up to date, the team faculty advisor will have to participate in an AIChE-sponsored safety training teleconference before being approved to compete.

Chemicals should be shipped directly from the manufacturer. If a team has special circumstances and needs to ship directly from the competing school they should contact Dave Mills in advance for approval and they will need to follow all DOT regulations for shipping. **REMINDER TO TEAMS** The transport of chemicals and cars by plane is forbidden- these items should be sent to us directly rather than flown in. Also note that transport by car is discouraged- if your team transports CHEMICALS to the competition by car, you should be prepared to demonstrate you did not violate any state laws by doing so.

The following chemicals will be provided:

- Hydrochloric acid (concentrated) for dilution
- Sodium hydroxide (10.0 M) for dilution
- Household vinegar solution
- Household baking soda
- Hydrogen*

*The hydrogen tank setup will be similar to that provided at the 2007 National Conference. The charging system terminates with a 1/4 inch female swage fitting. Teams needing to charge with hydrogen will need to have a 1/4" male swaged tube fitting in order to connect to the hydrogen supply line.

Standard laboratory glassware will be provided for preparation of chemical solutions.

Chemicals should be shipped to the address below, and received 2 weeks prior to the date of the competition:

David Mills
Manager, Process Engineering Labs
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
212 Ross Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849

For questions regarding chemicals, fuel preparation and special accommodations for lab equipment contact David Mills:

David Mills
Manager, Process Engineering Labs
Phone Contact:
(334) 844-2015
(334) 663-7370
Fax: (334) 844-2063

For general questions regarding the ChemE car competition contact the Car Competition Chair, Kevin Cullinan(CULLIKT@auburn.edu).